The Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) or Indian tiger is a tiger subspecies native to South Asia, and is the national animal of India and Bangladesh. The Bengal tiger is the most numerous tiger subspecies with populations estimated at 1,520–1,909 in India, 440 in Bangladesh, 124–229 in Nepal and 67–81 in Bhutan. Bengal is traditionally… Continue reading ROYAL BENGAL TIGER

National Monument – Heroes live forever

Liberation War Museum, Bangladesh established in 1996, commemorates heroic struggle of Bengalee nation for democracy and national rights which following genocide unleashed by military rulers of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, turned into armed struggle with emergence of Bangladesh as Secular Democratic State in December 1971. Museum is housed in a two-storied building with displays in… Continue reading National Monument – Heroes live forever

Hanging Bridge of Rangamati

Hanging Bridge: Hanging Bridge(Jhulonto Bridge in Bengali)is the landmark icon of Rangamati. It’s a popular tourist spot and a must go destination. If you don’t visit Rangamati you will not discover a big portion of natural beauties of Bangladesh. From Chittagong a 77 km. road amidst green fields and winding hills will take you to… Continue reading Hanging Bridge of Rangamati

Jatiyo Shangsad – The Center of Constitution

The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh gives the legislature the name Jatiyo Shangsad in Bengali and Houseof the Nation in English. It is commonly known as Parliament. Parliament of Bangladesh is a unicameral legislature consisting of 350 members of which 300 Members from 300 territorial constituencies that is one from each constituency, on… Continue reading Jatiyo Shangsad – The Center of Constitution

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