Visa on Arrival (VOA) & Transit Visa

Visa Duration: Maximum 30 days, single entry

Who are eligible:

People of the following categories of Finland, Norway and Sweden may obtain visa on arrival at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka:

  • Business/Trade officials
  • Potential investors
  • Tourists
  • Members of defense and security forces with prior clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh
  • Spouse and children of Bangladeshi origin foreign citizens (at the port of entry, such VOA seekers must submit proof of Bangladeshi origin e.g., citizenship certificate, current/expired Bangladesh passport)
  • Officers/staff of the foreign Embassies, UN and subsidiary organizations located in Bangladesh (VOA seekers must submit their appointment letters and other related travel documents)
  • Also the Nordic citizens of above categories are eligible for visa on arrival if they travel to Bangladesh from a country where there is no resident Bangladesh Embassy/Consulate.

Checklist: VOA seekers must check the following prior to departure for Bangladesh:

  • Visa fees are to be paid at the port of entry in Foreign Currencies (US Dollar/ GB Pound/Euro etc)
  • Visitors must possess minimum US Dollar 50 or equivalent of Foreign Currency in Cash or Credit Card
  • Visitors must have return ticket for short time stay
  • Visitors Must have necessary documents to justify his/her visit
  • No visa fee will be applicable for the visitors from those countries which are exempted from visa fee
  • On arrival visa fee will be applicable on the basis of reciprocity only
  • Valid passports with minimum 6 months validity (Holders of Certificate/Laissiez-passer issued by the United Nations and its Specilalized Agencies and Continuous Discharge Certificate/Nullies/Seaman book (when traveling on duty) are exempted from this.)

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