Requirements for Electronic Passport

For new e-Passport or conversion of MRP to e-Passport

Any Bangladeshi citizen residing in Sweden, Norway and Finland with Bangladeshi Digital Birth Certificate/NID can apply at the Embassy of Bangladesh in Sweden for a new e-Passport.

Very Important: Please note that applicant aged 9 or over must be present in-person at the Embassy for biometric enrollment. Applicant aged below 9 does not require biometric enrollment.

Documents required for e-Passport:

  1. Printed copy of first page of the filled-in online application form (with bar code). To fill out the application, please visit: www.epassport.gov.bd
  2. A printed copy of your  online appointment confirmation to provide biometric data (fingerprint, photo, iris recognition).
  3. Original Bangladeshi Passport (MRP or hand-written) and 01 (one) set photocopy of the information page/pages. (Applicants with Bangladeshi passport). For lost passport, a police report is required.
  4. Photocopy of applicant’s National ID Card or Digital Birth Certificate (English version). Online or e-verified birth certificate is also accepted.
  5. Recently taken 3R sized color photograph with white background (Applicants aged below 9)
  6. Photocopy of applicant’s residence permit or foreign passport.
  7. Photocopy of valid university student ID card and copy of current registration paper (The discount is applicable to undergraduate and post-graduate students only).
  8. Other relevant documents as per requirement (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc).
  9. Bank payment receipt of application fee. (Cash is not accepted)

Application Fees: Following are the application fees (Fees are non refundable)

e-Passport fees for General Applicants:

48 pages and 5 years validity: SEK 1100.00

48 pages and 10 years validity: SEK 1375.00

64 pages and 5 years validity: SEK 1650.00

64 pages and 10 years validity: SEK 1925.00


e-Passport fees for Students:

48 pages and 5 years validity: SEK 330.00

48 pages and 10 years validity: SEK 550.00

64 pages and 5 years validity: SEK 1650.00

64 pages and 10 years validity: SEK 1925.00


Bang details:

Within Sweden

From Norway and Finland

Bank Giro number: 131-2438,

Nordea Bank

Embassy of Bangladesh, StockholmAccount No. 3256 17 13415

IBAN No. SE3230000000032561713415


Nordea Bank AB

171 21 Solna, Sweden


Processing time:

  • Estimated processing time is 6-8 weeks. Some applications may require longer processing time depending on variables (Police verification, information change, etc)

Collection of E-passports:

  • Applicants aged 18 or over must visit the Embassy to collect e-Passport. They must bring their existing Bangladesh passport (MRP) and enrollment slip to collect the passport. Parents of applicants aged below 18 can come to the embassy to collect the passports of their child. The parents must bring their ID and enrollment slip to collect their child’s passport.
  • An authorized person by the applicant may collect e-Passport on applicant’s behalf. In that case, an authorization letter containing particulars of the applicant and authorized person is required. The authorized person must bring his Original Bangladeshi passport or NID or Foreign ID card with him or her.

Important: Postal delivery is not possible

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