Sundarban : The surpassing beauty

sundarbanThe most difficult part is to write the home page. Well we have to start somewhere. Since sundarban is what you are looking for, let’s start with it! We are not going to indulge ourselves into the arithmetic of how many animals, birds, reptiles or trees exists there, or that it is one of the biggest mangrove expanses and that it forms the biggest deltas of the world. You can find all these details in the wikipedia, so it’s no point repeating ourselves once again. Rather we would like to speak about some of the details which are seldom spoken of.

There would be only a few families in Sundarban which would be spared of a tiger attack. A native of Sundarban would not utter the word “tiger” but prefer to call it “uncle”, just  for the sheer fact that “taking the name of a tiger, is synonymous to calling the tiger. Few researchers believe that as high as 80% of the Royal Bengal Tigers are born Man-Eaters. The wife generally stays as a widow, back home when the husband goes for honey collecting into the jungle, not practicing any rituals of a married Indian woman. Some believe it is done to make the tiger believe that she is already a widow.
At one point of time there were so many widows, due to tiger attacks, that there was a village actually being called “Vidhwa palli”, or the widow village. There are generally 50 casualties every year from tiger attacks, but there is no instance of a tourist boat being attacked ever. THANKFULLY!!!

The everyday life of a Sundarban resident generally revolves around two things.
The tide and the tiger.

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